Clergy Abuse

To all concerned Catholics,
Do not let all that is happening in our Church confuse you or turn you away from our purpose in this life. Keep your life focused on Jesus Christ and on getting from this life to our next life with our Creator in Heaven. The Catholic Church has serious problems not only in what is happening today in the United States with its Clergy abuse but more seriously in saving the souls of its flock. Most of whom (80%) do not believe that intentionally not attending Sunday Mass is a grievous sin and could be mortal. The Catholic Church has many brilliant Shepherds (past and present) who could have and still can solve the clergy abuse situation. Just ask those with authority to do what Jesus would do. Follow His Commandments and the laws of the State. Rid the Church of its incurable disease and concentrate on saving the souls of the faithful. To any one concerned about the current clergy abuse, the victims who suffer in this life will be rewarded with eternal life in Heaven and those responsible will probably spend their eternity in Hell. For all who remain faithful to the Catholic Church do not get discouraged because with God, nothing is impossible.

Deacon John Lorenzo


A Catholic Formula – Getting From Earthly Life to Heaven and Eternal Life – By Deacon John Lorenzo

When God created humanity, His vision was initially to give His creation a time to live in a world different from what He would have them live in. The temporary world He created would be suitable to our nature. The future world would be created to suit a nature for eternal existence. God’s ultimate plan and desire is to live with us, His children, in His Heavenly kingdom. Continue reading “A Catholic Formula – Getting From Earthly Life to Heaven and Eternal Life – By Deacon John Lorenzo”

Fourth Letter to Parents – By Deacon John Lorenzo

My dear parents,

Mature parents see that their children’s necessities, in growing up, are handled in the best way possible. This parental example helps their children to understand the difference in what is necessary and important in all life circumstances. If any of these requirements of life are compromised, it hurts not only the children but also the entire family.

Spiritually, most children’s lives are short changed in developing a relationship with Jesus Christ. I say this because your children’s Sunday Mass attendance is not good. This weekly faith formation, if not immediately corrected, will not only lead them away from God and His Church, it will cause difficulties later in life.

Being born Catholic is a gift that must be cherished and never denied. Children must be made aware of this God given gift from the time you have them baptized and throughout their early years. What this spiritual teaching does for your children, is to allow Jesus Christ the chance of entering their life, without them being aware of it happening. Your children will discover this relationship as they grow older, if they are given the chance.

Today, most Catholic families do not attend Sunday Mass every week as required by God’s 3rd commandment, to keep holy the Lord’s Day; most believe, it is not a serious sin.

Catechism 2181 states…..The Sunday Eucharist is the foundation and confirmation of all Christian practice. For this reason, the faithful are obliged to participate in the Eucharist on days of obligation, unless excused for a serious reason (for example, illness, the care of infants) or dispensed by their own pastor. Those who deliberately fail in this obligation commit a grave sin.

Since your children can not get themselves to Church on Sunday, they are not held to this law of God and the Church. However, when they are capable, this law will then apply to them.  At that time, their experience of attending Sunday Mass will probably be the deciding factor as to whether they experience life with Jesus Christ at their side or experience the way of the world, alone, without spiritual guidance. The deciding factor lies in the hands of those who love and care for them the most, their parents.

May God bless all parents and their children. Amen.



Third Letter to Parents – By Deacon John Lorenzo

My dear parents,

No one, in the world we live in, loves or cares for your children more then you, their parents.

From the time they are born and even into their adulthood, your children will always be a part of your life. Children need parental guidance, especially when they are young. Parents have a great responsibility when it comes to raising children in the environment of this world. It takes much wisdom when making decisions in what is best for their lives. Although your children will be influenced by many factors in their learning about life, what you approve or disapprove, will help them understand the difference of living a life as a Catholic with Jesus Christ as a model; as compared to what the world teaches.

Children must be taught to believe that there is nothing to fear in life, because Jesus will always take care of them. This belief feeling, when taught at an early age, will always be remembered. It will even be more meaningful as an adult, understanding that Jesus was guiding their life, when it was so very important.

With the above in mind, what can and must be done to help your children?


Your children must be taught the absolute need, in their personal lives, to have a relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church. The type of relationship that is divine, that will not only protect them from the evils of this world but also keep their lives focused on a path to Heaven. The type of life that will give them peace and wisdom. The type of life that they will be able to pass on to their children and their children’s children. At the same time, giving their parents peace of mind knowing that when they are not able to be with them, Jesus will take care of them.

This type of life is not difficult to attain. All it requires is your guidance, as parents, to see that they attend Sunday Mass every week and receive the body and blood of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. The Church also has the responsibility to teach the children the love that Jesus has for them and the desire to be with them in paradise.

As I stated in my first letter to you, God made life on earth very short and He offers us eternal life when we leave this life. A life beyond anything we could ever imagine. As a family, go to Sunday Mass every week.

May God bless all parents and their children. Amen.

Letter to Parents of Students attending Catholic Schools and Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD) Programs – By Deacon John Lorenzo

My dear parents,

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Declining Sunday Mass Attendance & Fallen-away Catholics

By Deacon John Lorenzo

In a recent article concerning the July 2017 Orlando Bishop’s Convocation, a topic was brought up in a morning plenary session: Former and fallen-away Catholics. At that session, a very revealing comment was made:   “The millions who are not active, that is a real concern.”

I believe the person who made that comment must have been inspired by the Holy Spirit to expose a dilemma in the Catholic Church, millions of fallen-away Catholics; that is rarely discussed. Sunday Mass attendance has steadily declined from 80% in 1950 to 20% today. Continue reading “Declining Sunday Mass Attendance & Fallen-away Catholics”