Third Letter to Parents – By Deacon John Lorenzo

My dear parents,

No one, in the world we live in, loves or cares for your children more then you, their parents.

From the time they are born and even into their adulthood, your children will always be a part of your life. Children need parental guidance, especially when they are young. Parents have a great responsibility when it comes to raising children in the environment of this world. It takes much wisdom when making decisions in what is best for their lives. Although your children will be influenced by many factors in their learning about life, what you approve or disapprove, will help them understand the difference of living a life as a Catholic with Jesus Christ as a model; as compared to what the world teaches.

Children must be taught to believe that there is nothing to fear in life, because Jesus will always take care of them. This belief feeling, when taught at an early age, will always be remembered. It will even be more meaningful as an adult, understanding that Jesus was guiding their life, when it was so very important.

With the above in mind, what can and must be done to help your children?


Your children must be taught the absolute need, in their personal lives, to have a relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church. The type of relationship that is divine, that will not only protect them from the evils of this world but also keep their lives focused on a path to Heaven. The type of life that will give them peace and wisdom. The type of life that they will be able to pass on to their children and their children’s children. At the same time, giving their parents peace of mind knowing that when they are not able to be with them, Jesus will take care of them.

This type of life is not difficult to attain. All it requires is your guidance, as parents, to see that they attend Sunday Mass every week and receive the body and blood of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. The Church also has the responsibility to teach the children the love that Jesus has for them and the desire to be with them in paradise.

As I stated in my first letter to you, God made life on earth very short and He offers us eternal life when we leave this life. A life beyond anything we could ever imagine. As a family, go to Sunday Mass every week.

May God bless all parents and their children. Amen.