A Catholic Formula – Getting From Earthly Life to Heaven and Eternal Life – By Deacon John Lorenzo

When God created humanity, His vision was initially to give His creation a time to live in a world different from what He would have them live in. The temporary world He created would be suitable to our nature. The future world would be created to suit a nature for eternal existence. God’s ultimate plan and desire is to live with us, His children, in His Heavenly kingdom.

God’s love for His creation, made in His image, is so great that He made life on earth very short. He also made getting from Earthly Life to Heaven and Eternal Life very easy because of this great love.

The Formula – For Adults

1. Attend Mass every Sunday and Holy Day of obligation and receive the Eucharist. This one   observance will continually keep souls in God’s grace necessary for salvation.
Offer your Mass and Eucharist to God, our Father, for those who do not observe God’s commandment and precepts of His Church, to return to Church and the Eucharist.
2. Go before the Blessed Sacrament as often as possible. This act of reverence and recognition of the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist will strengthen our relationship with the Son of God so important for salvation.
Offer your visit to Jesus for those who have left the Church and the Eucharist.
3. Pray at least one decade of the Rosary every day. Praying the mysteries of the Rosary will help with recollecting the life of Jesus and Mary and how God blended His divine nature with our human creation. This act of praying the Rosary recognizes the Blessed Virgin as our Heavenly Mother who intercedes, for us, with her Son for our salvation.
Offer your Rosary for the return of lost souls to Jesus by returning to Sunday Mass every week and receiving the Eucharist. 

The Formula – For Children

1. Receive the sacrament of Baptism prior to the age of reason.
2. After being baptized, parents must raise their children spiritually to love God and neighbor. Also, to be taught who Jesus Christ is and the need for a relationship.
3. At the age of reason, faith formation begins with schooling to receive the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist. After receiving first communion, parents are responsible to see that their children attend Sunday Mass every week. This parental duty is critical for their children to develop a close relationship with Jesus, the Church and for their salvation. Parents also give good example by attending Sunday Mass every week.
4. Faith formation, after first communion, should then follow The Salvation Formula – For Adults. This practice, at an early ages, will continue into adulthood and save their souls.

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